T-Mobile Tuesdays


THE CLIENT: T-Mobile logo

THE PRODUCT: T-Mobile Tuesdays is T-Mobile’s 11th ‘Un-carrier Move’, intended to reward existing customers for their loyalty while incentivizing new customers to get in on the ‘free stuff’. Agency The Marketing Store brought me into their initial design team, which consisted of a Creative Director, copy writer, myself, and another UI designer. We were tasked with creating something with a “lasers and explosions” feel while still being usable by consumers. Tasks included concept generation, UI, Game Design, and presentation of the concepts. Working on an Agile team, I was able to work closely with everyone from our business team, who recruited sponsors to our UX designer and strategy team, and of course collaborating with development to ensure proper implementation of the product.

ROLE: UI | Creative Direction

How It Works: The steps to the app are simple:

  1. Learn what the app is about (if it's your first time).
  2. See all the Grand Prizes you will be playing for, along with the free stuff you automatically get.
  3. Play a game for the grand prize.
  4. Redeem free gifts and prizes (if won).